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    ZSOUND's line array speaker Symphony at the Beer and Food Carnival
    ZSOUND's line array speaker Symphony at the Beer and Food Carnival
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    • ZSOUND's line array speaker Symphony at the Beer and Food Carnival

    • Step into a world where flavor meets sound – the Beer and Food Carnival orchestrated by ZSOUND. With 12 LA212 Line Array Speakers, 8 SS2 Subwoofers, and the harmonious addition of LA110 and LA110S Line Array Speakers, the sonic landscape was nothing short of spectacular. M44's digital precision and the powerhouse MA1300Q and MA2400S Amplifiers ensured a seamless fusion of taste and sound. Attendees danced to the rhythm of crisp highs and pulsating lows, making the carnival an auditory and gastronomic delight. ZSOUND transforms events into unforgettable symphonies – where every note tells a flavorful tale. Elevate your next experience with ZSOUND's sonic brilliance.
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    ZSOUND's line array speaker Symphony at the Beer and Food Carnival

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    Experience the perfect blend of audio excellence at the Beer and Food Carnival, where ZSOUND's cutting-edge sound systems took center stage, creating an immersive sonic journey.

    Key Components:

    • LA212 Line Array Speakers (12 units): These powerful dual 12-inch line array speakers delivered crystal-clear sound, ensuring every note resonated throughout the carnival grounds.

    • SS2 Subwoofers (8 units): The heart-thumping bass from the dual 18-inch subwoofers added a deep and resonant layer, elevating the entire audio landscape.

    • LA110 Line Array Speakers (8 units): Positioned strategically, the single 10-inch line array speakers provided precise and uniform coverage, enriching the auditory experience.

    • LA110S Line Array Subwoofers (4 units): Complementing the main speakers, the line array subwoofers contributed to the immersive low-frequency response, capturing every beat with finesse.

    • M44 Digital Processor: The M44 digital processor ensured seamless signal management, optimizing audio output and maintaining clarity across all frequencies.

    • MA1300Q and MA2400S Power Amplifiers: ZSOUND's reliable power amplifiers, including the MA1300Q and MA2400S, fueled the entire setup, delivering robust and distortion-free sound.

    Unleashing Sonic Brilliance: ZSOUND's audio marvels transformed the Beer and Food Carnival into a sonic haven, where attendees not only savored delightful flavors but also indulged in a symphony of captivating sounds. From the crisp highs to the pulsating lows, every element of the carnival experience was heightened by ZSOUND's professional-grade audio solutions.

    Elevate Your Events: Whether it's a vibrant carnival, a corporate gathering, or a concert under the stars, ZSOUND is your trusted companion for elevating events with unparalleled audio brilliance. Connect with us to explore a world where every sound tells a story, and every event becomes an unforgettable experience.

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